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Grillz are an increasingly popular decorative covering placed on the teeth to provide a more sparkling smile. They have commonly been used by celebrities, but more and more people are interested in enhancing their smiles. Grillz comes in many different metals, colors, and styles – some people even choose to create a design. Placing Grillz in a dental office keeps the teeth safe, allows for proper implementation, and provides patients with important tips on care and maintenance that ensure the teeth and Grillz last longer. At Cynthia A. Mumma DDS, we offer Grillz services for patients who want a different touch to their smiles. Our team can help you decide on the type of grill and style. To learn more about this procedure or schedule an appointment, call (302) 652-2451 today.
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    Grillz / Grillz Teeth

    What are Grillz?

    Grillz are decorative teeth coverings made of special metals, such as gold or silver. They are often encrusted with various jewels to create an even more sparkly smile. In most cases, Grillz are removable, so they do not affect the teeth and can be cleaned out properly. Some people choose to have their Grillz permanently attached to their teeth or gold crowns. Grillz first appeared in the hip-hop industry and, soon after, celebrities on the red carpet made an even bigger statement. Renowned artists, such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Madonna, and Jay-Z, have flaunted their Grillz, which grabbed everyone’s attention even with designer clothes and jewelry. The teeth and smile are generally the first impressions people get as they are front-facing. Grillz can make a lasting impression and greatly enhance a person’s overall appearance.

    Types of Grillz

    When people hear the word “Grillz,” they generally think of gold-plated teeth. However, the trend has grown so much over the past few decades to incorporate different metals, colors, and designs. Today, Grillz come in 10K, 14K, 18K, or 24K gold (white, yellow, and rose gold), silver, platinum, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and other precious metals stones. Grillz can also be permanent, removable, or custom-made. Custom-made Grillz allow individuals to create their own styles and incorporate any type of metal and jewels they wish. Styles are limitless, but common styles include:
    • Full or partial Grillz: complete coverage on all or some teeth using gold, silver, or diamond plates
    • Open face: also called “outline Grillz”; the design covers only the edges of the teeth and can come in rectangular, circular, oval, and heart form
    • Word or Name: the Grillz are a word or name written in any font with any material; for example, “Juicy”
    • Two-Tone: a mixture of two or more styles, colors, or metals to create a unique design

    How the Procedure Works

    To begin the process, a patient has an initial consultation appointment in which we will discuss the procedure, ask necessary questions, and answer any questions they have. Impressions can be taken the same day, if medical and oral conditions of the mouth allow them to be. The patient and doctor can determine the best course of treatment, if necessary. The impressions are sent to a dental lab that custom-makes the Grillz with a design the patient chooses. In most cases, the Grillz are ready within 3 weeks. During the consultation, the patient determines which teeth they would like to have covered and choose their preferred design. Silver, gold, and diamonds can be used in single or multiple tooth designs. The optional jewelry can be added for an additional cost. We offer this procedure by appointment Monday through Friday and some Saturdays. Payment will be due on the day of the placement procedure.

    After Care and Maintenance

    Grillz have not been known to cause damage to the teeth. Nonetheless, patients must take extra care of their teeth and oral health when wearing Grillz to keep them clean and healthy. It is critical to remove them when eating (with removable Grillz) as bacteria can easily become trapped in the material and is often not cleaned out through brushing. We recommend patients brush their teeth and clean out the Grillz after every meal. According to the American Dental Association, accumulated bacteria produces harmful acid that causes tooth decay and harms gum tissue. Therefore, it is pertinent to clean out the Grillz and brush and floss more frequently than normal. It is also good to limit wear time to give the teeth a break and avoid extensive pressure or tension. We will inform each patient about the type of metal and appropriate cleaners to prevent any irritation or allergic reaction when re-inserting them in the mouth.

    Possible Side Effects and Removal

    It is crucial that patients inform us about any allergies or sensitivities during the initial consultation. This allows us to create an individualized treatment and determine which metals and after-care cleaning products to use. In some cases, however, a patient may not know they have a certain allergy or sensitivity until they have a reaction. At any point after the procedure, if this occurs, patients should contact us and come in immediately so we can assess the problem, make any necessary adjustments, or remove them completely. Besides allergies and improper cleaning, Grillz may irritate the surrounding oral tissues or wear away essential tooth enamel on opposing teeth. Constant grinding, biting, and clenching on any type of metal can cause some damage to the teeth and gums. We recommend taking frequent breaks (daily if possible) and wear them only on occasion. After all, it does not seem necessary to wear them when going grocery shopping or staying at home! We will discuss all after-care instructions and maintenance with patients on the day of the procedure.

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    Consultations for Grillz are available at our office. Our team at Cynthia A. Mumma DDS looks forward to treating you and creating a smile you love. Call our office at (302) 652-2451 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Are Grillz safe for the teeth?

    A. Grillz are considered safe with proper care and maintenance. They can cause harm when not properly cleaned out or when a patient fails to brush and floss their teeth adequately. Patients who take all necessary measures and follow after-care instructions have found them to have no effect on their oral health.

    Q. What is the difference between generic Grillz and custom-made Grillz?

    A. Generic Grillz are a one-size-fits-all product and may not fit properly on your teeth. This can cause irritation or improper shifting of the teeth. They also trap bacteria much more easily as they do not hug the teeth and gumline. Custom-made Grillz are fitted to your unique mouth using the impressions we take.

    Q. How long does the entire process take?

    A. The process is done in two appointments. During the consultation, we discuss everything the patient wants on the Grillz, take all necessary medical and dental information, and take the impressions if medical and oral conditions of the mouth allow them to be. The patient and doctor can determine the best course of treatment, if necessary. . The impressions are sent to a dental lab to be made, usually within 3 weeks. On the following appointment, we place the Grillz and ensure they fit properly and are to the patient’s liking. We will discuss after-care and maintenance during the placement appointment.

    Q. How much do Grillz cost?

    A. Every patient’s case is different. The cost largely depends on the style, cut, design, and material used. We also assess how many teeth are being covered. The more coverage, the higher the price. For example, complete Grillz with jewels will have the highest price. The cost will be discussed during the consultation appointment after we discuss what the patient wants.

    Q. How do I properly care for my Grillz?

    A. To keep your Grillz lasting for years, it is important to properly clean them out after eating and before wearing them. We recommend placing them in a container when they are not being worn to keep them free of dirt or invisible particles. Lastly, you want to protect your teeth and gums. Make sure to brush and floss your teeth regularly, and avoid wearing the Grillz when eating.

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